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Is Intelligence Sufficient for Ethics?
RPI, Dr. John Milanese

Surveying literature on the understanding of ethics and the cognitive processes needed to have an understanding of ethics with the goal of theorizing whether or not an AI can have an undestanding of ethics.

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Out-of-Distribution Graph Anomaly Detection
RPI, Dr. Alex Gittens (with Dr. Mohammed Zaki, RPI; Charu Aggarwal, IBM)

Designing and testing autoregressive flow-based graph neural networks to detect previously unseen anomalies in knowledge graphs.

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Machine Common Sense
Tetherless World Constellation, Dr. Minor Gordon

Parsing massive data corpi to build a common sense knowledge graph.

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Critical CS
RPI, Dr. James Malazita

Designing, implementing, and analyzing an educational paradigm to introduce ethics into computer science education

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Infrastructures of Abstraction