Machine Common Sense

RPI (Tetherless World Constellation), Dr. Minor Gordon

Running ETL on WebDataCommons product data

to train ML networks on common sense product relationships

Machine Common Sense

One aspect of cognition that hasn't been readily replicable is common sense. It can be difficult to run an intelligent network on common sense without simply running an intelligence algorithm. Tetherless World Constellation's Machine Common Sense project seeks to develop networks and algorithms to expedite machine learning and intelligence to replicate common sense.

I held the role of assistant programmer for the ETL pipeline to process and prepare input data from WebDataCommons into a product relationship network. This included data cleaning, ETL, parsing, processing, and psycholinguistic heuristic development, implementation, and testing to pull generic product names and dimensions from human-written and human-entered data. This data would be used to train networks on common sense product relationships (e.g. size relation, standard prices, etc.).

Critical CS

Published Paper(s): Infrastructures of Abstraction

STEM education used to include a focus on ethics and the real-world impact of engineering and science beyond the scope of just the goals of any particular project. In recent times, this focus on ethics has been abandoned in favor of training and practice in the "practical" skills needed for the field (e.g. coding, optimization, efficiency). Critical CS hopes to reintroduce ethics and societal impact through hands-on practice and readings to show students that ethics is a necessary consideration in any and all aspects of STEM.

I held the role of mentor for my first semester on the team. I was responsible for running the coding side of labs, helping students understand and find solutions to our custom homework, and holding regular office hours. In my second semester, I helped work on rewriting and redesigning homework as we started considering expanding how many lab sections we operated on. Now that we are looking to wrap up the project and produce broader materials, I am leading the homework development team to design homework problems that sufficiently introduce students to topics in coding, computer science, and ethics. I'm also in charge of finding and analyzing potential readings to assign alongside these assignments.