Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, expected graduation May 2022

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) and Cognitive Science (Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Modeling)

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Mathematics of Operations Research)

Current courses

Semester away

Recent courses

Probability Theory and Applications

Randomized Algorithms for Machine Learning and Optimization

Programming for Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Linear Algebra

Metaphysics and Consciousness

Completed courses

Research Methods and Statistics I, Operating Systems, Graph Theory, Cognition and the Brain, Cognitive Psychology, Intro to Differential Equations, Principles of Software, Intro to Algorithms, Intro to Linguistics, Computer Organization, Foundations of Computer Science, Intro to Formal Logic, Intro to Cognitive Science, IT and Society, Data Structures, Computer Science 1, Technology and Social Interactions in the US, Multivariable Calculus


Project Lead the Way: high-school engineering courses designed by Rochester Institute of Technology; Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Engineering Design and Documentation

Skills and Certifications

Red-Cross: First-aid, CPR, pediatric CPR

Coding languages: Python, C++, C, MIPS32, Java, HTML, CSS, R

Python Packages: ABC, DataClasses, Keras, Numpy/Pandas, Parsimonious, PyTorch, SciKitLearn, Spacy, TensorFlow, Typing

Interface: CMD, Ubuntu, Git

World languages (level): French (conversational), Portuguese (conversational), German (basic), Spanish (basic), Italian (basic), Hebrew (basic)